EVO 80Base & Build

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Introducing EVO 80Base & Build, a revolutionary gel nail innovation. Its unique keratin-like molecular structure bonds with natural nails for long-lasting wear and a hassle-free soak-off release. Enriched with two powerhouse nail conditioners, 80Base & Build cares for your nails while providing the perfect manicure.

✓ Effortless "soak-off release" technology, resulting in fast and damage-free removal

✓ Medical-grade formulation & manufacturing process

✓ Keratin-like molecular structure for strong bonding link to the nail natural keratin

✓ Enriched with 2 nail conditioners to promote health

✓ Precision builder gel with ultimate control

✓ Effective self-levelling properties

✓ Permeability Technology that allows movement of water & oxygen to & from nail plate