Azure Tan Firm & Tone - 1L

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Our best-selling Firm & Tone Body Butter is now available in a spray tan solution! We've harnessed the power of caffeine and guarana, known for their firming and toning benefits into this spray tan solution.

Infused with the active ingredients:

💦 Guarana - Helps to stimulate circulation, blood flow and boost energy for smooth toned skin.

💦 Caffeine  - Helps to promote circulation and blood flow, which can help reduce the look of dimpled skin  and improve the look of cellulite.

🏃‍♀️ All-Day Performance: Whether you're hitting the gym, going for a run, or simply enduring a busy day, this tan is extra sweat resistant.

🤎Mixed Base with neutral chocolate-brown base, making it the perfect match for all skin undertones warm, neutral, or cool.


Leave on for 1 Hour:           Dark

Leave on for 3 Hours:         Ultra Dark



Use in any HVLP or airbrush spray tan system. We recommend 50-60 mls per body. Rinse off after desired time guide and colour depth results. Rinse with lukewarm water only for the first rinse. Do not use any soaps, scrubs or shampoo. For a streak free result, rinse until water runs clear from the body and pat dry with a towel. Results should last 5-10 days, and moisturise skin daily for an even fade.

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