Azure Tan Mousse Bronze Glow - Clear Gradual Tan 200ml

Azure Tan Mousse Bronze Glow - Clear Gradual Tan 200ml

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Introducing "Bronze Glow": Your Radiance, Your Way. For fair skin types wanting a golden natural bronze glow. 

🌟 Achieve the ideal radiance: "Bronze Glow" emerges as the ultimate self tan mousse for those in pursuit of a natural, sun-kissed allure. It strikes a harmonious balance, neither too light nor too dark. 

💦 Hyaluronic acid magic:. "Bronze Glow" is enriched with hyaluronic acid, ensuring that your skin remains supple and hydrated when you wash it off. Say goodbye to that post-tan dryness.

🤍 Clear Base with no bronzer, making it the perfect to apply and go about your day

Leave on for 3 Hours: Light Glow
Leave on for 6 Hours+: Medium Glow

If you want to achieve that dream bronzed look without the environmental damage, getting a professional-level spray tan at home has never been easier.

Mess-free, quick, and easy to apply, Azure Tan's line of clean and ethical at-home tan & body products will nourish and level up your skin from the inside out.

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