Belava Start Up Kit Vanilla

Belava Start Up Kit Vanilla

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Belava Pedicure Tub in Translucent Vanilla is a perfect start-up kit ensuring the best sanitary and safe pedicure conditions for each customer. Tub comes with 20 pre-fitted disposable liners that are easy to dispose of, simply toss the liner after each customer and place a fresh liner in the tub.

The tub is durable and lightweight to ensure easy handling before and after pedicures.

Includes Belava Pedicure Footspa and 20 Disposable Liners

  • The 20 pre-fitted liners that come with the tub as a starter package are easy to dispose of – just toss each liner away after each client
  • Lifetime guarantee tub
  • Fits feet up to mens size 13 comfortably
  • Liners are textured to enhance the pedicure experience