Bronsun Brow Perm Lamination Kit

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Bronsun's Long-Term Brow Perm/Brow Lamination features a gentle, safe formula that nourishes and moisturises hairs without causing harm during the procedure. The solution involves softening the hairs, allowing them to be easily styled into the desired position for a fuller, more defined eyebrow appearance.

The latest formula has minimal to no odor, and works quickly and effectively. The formula does not contain thioglycolates, ammonia, or hydrogen peroxide. The main active ingredient is cysteamine. Due to this, the compositions work delicately, but very effectively.

The kit contains all 3 solutions:

 #1 Brow Lift, 10ml

 #2 Brow Sculpt, 10ml

 #3 Brow Essence, 10ml



• Express formula based on cysteamine

• Requires no glue

• High concentration of care components

• Soft effect on hairs and skin

• Less vapour and unpleasant odours

• Bottle with a dispenser

• Large volume 10 ml - lasts up to 50 treatments

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