Brow Code Stain Hybrid Brow Dye - Dark Roast 15ml

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Dark Roast - Black

All your staining dreams have come true, thanks to Brow Code's Hybrid Dye.

Introducing an innovative Dye designed to achieve richly pigmented and long-lasting results like Henna. Hybrid Dye offers the power and intensity of henna with the ease of a tint.

Stain has been designed for Professional Brow Stylists ready to take their services to the next level with a hybrid product. Formulated with a warm undertone to achieve extra-long-lasting results with shades that leave a powerful stain on the skin and brow hairs. The Hybrid Dye leaves a stain on the skin for up to ten days and on the brow hairs for up to six weeks. 

The Hybrid Dye is currently available in four colours:

  1. Harvest Brown - Light Brown 
  2. Brooklyn Brown - Medium Brown
  3. Perfecto Brown - Dark Brown 
  4. Dark Roast - Black

Each bottle of Stain is 15ml.

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