ElleeBalm Lami Balm Adhesive

ElleeBalm Lami Balm Adhesive

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Experience a superior lash adhesion like never before with ElleeBalm Lami Balm Adhesive. Its flexible and malleable formula quickly and securely adheres the lashes to the rod or shield, allowing for safe isolation and directional correction without pulling or tugging. It has a white creamy consistency which dries transparent, and the brilliant 20ml squeeze tube prevents polymerisation due to air exposure. With up to 100 applications per tube, ElleeBalm Lami Balm Adhesive is the perfect choice for use with Elleebana and Elleeplex Profusion systems with no need to adjust processing times.

Packed full of plant based or synthetic essential acids, the ElleeBalm is VEGAN and will provide the ultimate lash hydration.

Application: When applying it to your rod or shield, dispense a small amount and apply it with a brush to the rod/shield before beginning the wrap phase of the service.