Elleebana Classic Lash Extensions Foundation Course

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Elleebana Classic Lash Extensions Foundation Course

Elevate Your Skills with the Elleebana Method and Deliver the Luscious Lashes Your Clients Desire

Crafted by our multi-award-winning team with over 25 years of experience in the lash & brow industry, our comprehensive curriculum will lift your skills to the next level.

Trusted by experts in over 60 countries, this is a transformational course that will take your lashing career to new heights!

Our modules dive deep into the science of Lash Extensions, advanced knowledge of adhesives, health and safety, step-by-step of the Elleebana method, advanced techniques in application and removal, mastering styling and eye shapes, and much more.

Under the expert guidance of our Elleebana Master Educators, you'll take part in the most comprehensive theory and Q and A session with a Master Trainers demonstrating the fundamental techniques. You will then progress to work on your own model, perfecting the critical elements of lash extensions under the skillful and supportive guidance from our Elleebana Master Educators. 

Elevating your expertise doesn't end here; Our additional educational online portal access then provides you with a further 2.5+ hours of instructional video, supportive techniques and revision of your learning content included within the 31 break out units from the Elleebana Excellence Academy to allow your learning to develop along with your skills.

Topics we cover:

  • Learn how to offer safe lash extensions treatments
  • Anatomy of the eye and hair physiology
  • Difference between lashes – sizes, shapes and styles
  • Understand lash extensions adhesives and the chemistry of these products
  • Gain knowledge on lash pH and how primers and lash prep products effect results
  • Correct lash consultation procedures
  • Correct aftercare for your client’s lashes
  • Lash styling that is complimentary for your clients
  • How to create a natural classic lash extension application
  • Identify client’s eye shapes with facial assessment and considerations
  • Create visual differences to the shape of the eye from basic lash styling
  • Lash with confidence and isolate correctly
  • Lash mapping
  • Anchor points
  • How to perform infills
  • Lash methodically and build your speed and technique as well as understand how to practise your skills
  • Apply lashes using varied styles
  • Create symmetry
  • How to safely remove lash extensions
  • How to overcome common lash challenges
  • Income potential when offering lash extensions
  • Potential profit from your Elleebana lash extensions kit is $11,550
  • Health safety and sanitation
  • Understanding how to correctly troubleshoot with your clients

Course inclusions:

Full sized Elleebana Lash Extensions kit with a profit potential of $11,550
Comprehensive volume manual packed with world-leading content
Globally recognised Certificate

Access to Online Portal with a further 2.5+ hours of instructional videos, supportive techniques and revision of your learning content.

If you want the best education experience, product, support and community, then take your beauty career to new heights today with the Elleebana method.


    You are required to provide your own model at 1:15pm through till 4pm.


    Time: 9.30am - 5pm

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