EVO Gel Contour Base & Build Base Coat 12ml

EVO Gel Contour Base & Build Base Coat 12ml

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EVO Contour Base & Build is your new favourite builder gel, focusing on delivering strength, support and extreme adhesion.

The secret to Evo Contour’s performance lies within its unique formulation, where its strength is balanced with carefully introduced elastic properties that enables a 3-in-1 Base, Build and Extend application. The result is long lasting and durable extensions that supports and protects the natural nail.

With Evo Contour Base & Build, your manicure is not moving anywhere with this brilliant base coat.

  • HIGH PERFORMING adhesive properties
  • DURABLE long lasting extensions
  • 3-IN-1 base, build upper arch & extend
  • HEALTHY formulation with low heat spike, low odour and no need for primers or bonders
  • EASY application with only 30 second cure

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