InLei® Helper 2.0

InLei® Helper 2.0

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InLei® HELPER Lash Lift Comb 2.0

Helper 2.0 is optimized for thin and delicate lashes. Featuring the same width as the original Helper, the comb has smaller, denser teeth that expertly separate even the finest hairs.

The side with the teeth enables individual lashes to be separated, ensuring the correct direction. The flat part provides the appropriate tension for each lash.

The distinctive Tiffany colour of Helper 2.0 ensures you can spot it quickly at your workspace, avoiding any potential error resulting from confusing it with the see-through version.

InLei® Helper 2.0 features a distinct and comfortable 'S' shape that offers enhanced user experience.

Made in Italy.  Suitable for disinfection with sanitising liquids.