InLei® Mr Fix Brow Lamination Glue - 15ml

InLei® Mr Fix Brow Lamination Glue - 15ml

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InLei® Mr Fix Brow Lamination Adhesive 15ml

Brow Lamination Glue "Mr Fix" has been specially created to hold eyebrow hairs in the desired position during the Brow Bomber treatment.
  • Thoroughly tested and confirmed to be safe for use on the skin.
  • Soft and flexible texture
  • InLei® Mr Fix Brow Lamination Glue provides a slightly extended set time, allowing you more control to define the ideal brow arch and keep the hairs in place.
  • Water soluble composition allows for easy removal with water.
  • A specifically designed formula facilitates penetration of perming agents into the hair's structure.
  • Mister Fix maintains the composition of perm solutions and dye, thereby attaining desired outcomes.
  • Airless bottle that completely avoids contact with air, extending the life of the glue
  • The bottle's specialized design enables you to dispense the product with precision, thus reducing waste.
  • Clinically evaluated on delicate skin with remarkable outcomes: not only is it classified as non-irritating, but it demonstrated no irritation on each of the people who tested it.
  • Transparent colour helps with accuracy 
  • 100% formulated in Italy
  • 15ml, lasting for up to 35 treatments

For Professional use only

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