Inspira Med Peel 60 Exfoliant - 50ml

Inspira Med Peel 60 Exfoliant - 50ml

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 Peel60 Exfoliator is the most intensive fruit acid peeling in the skin renewal and cellular stimulation system. The pH-optimized acid mixture is the last step in the extraordinary peeling method of skin renewal. The highly concentrated fruit acids are integrated into a cooling gel and guarantee optimum skin tolerability. The maximum exposure time of 5 minutes depends on the skin type to be treated. A longer exposure time is possible in the case of thick and non-sensitive skin. pH value of 3.6.

Main Active Substances
- Mixture of nature identical fruit acids:
- AHA: Glycolic, malic, citric and tartaric acid, gentle and reliable
removal of excess skin (keratolytic effect), stimulation of cell
BHA: Salicylic acid: antimicrobial and keratolytic effect

Attention: Subsequent treatment with pH Neutralizer is important to stop the acid activity remaining in the skin.

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