LU Beauty Collagen Eye Gel Patches - 20pk

LU Beauty Collagen Eye Gel Patches - 20pk

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Spoil your clients with a complimentary collagen infused anti-wrinkle treatment

Eye Gel Patches are designed to separate the lashes and prevent the bottom lashes from sticking to the top lashes as well as giving your clients an anti-aging treatment. 

Feature & Benefits:

- LINT FREE -  Prevents top and bottom lashes from sticking.
- COLLAGEN INFUSED - Anti-aging treatment, repairs and rejuvenates tired skin, removing dark circle under eyes.
- FLEXIBLE SHAPE - Comfortable for clients suits most cheekbone shapes

Open Eye Gel Patch and remove plastic backing, with the clients eye looking back, apply Eye Gel Patch starting at one end
2: Secure Eye Gel Patch pressing down firmly with thumbs
3: Check to see all bottom eyelashes are covered and no natural lashes are poking up from under the lash, if so use a small amount of tape to cover
4: Client can now close her eyes and is ready for lash service
5: Monitor Eye Gel Patches throughout procedure, by gently brushing lashes straight with a mascara wand, use the dental mirror to check no bottom eyelashes have slipped

Also available in a 4pk & 100pk.

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