LU Beauty Nano Mister

LU Beauty Nano Mister

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Cutting edge new technology. Cures the glue instantly.

USB chargeable Nano Mister slim and sleek design - Sprays a gently even mist; Perfect to cure the eyelash extension bond while reducing eye irritation significantly. Spray Mist on finished eyelashes from a distance of 8-10 inches away.

USB chargeable Nano Mister design is slim and sleek. Sprays a gentle mist to cure glue immediately

Feature & Benefits:
- Cures the glue instantly
- Only requires 30 seconds to set bond and curate adhesive - includes USB charger

Made from:
- Plastic Mold with a 5ml water holding container and a slide cover face

How to use:

  1. Slide the face of the Nano Mister downwards  
  2. Allow the distilled water to spray a soft gentle mist over the client’s eyelashes from 20cm away.
  3. Slide the face of the Nano Mister back up.
  4. When charging plug USB cord into the base of the Nano Mister (Make sure you empty the water before charging)
  5. To refill your Nano Mister flip the back cover upwards and poor distilled water into the water storage container.

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