Moroccan Tan Elevate Tanning Mist - 1L

Moroccan Tan Elevate Tanning Mist - 1L

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MoroccanElevate is a blend of high-performance DHA tanning actives and colour-correcting pigments that customise and adapt to every skin type. This unique blend creates a customisable tan that can achieve different results, from natural to dark bronzed hues.

Infused with Moisture Lock actives Organic Argan Oil, hydrating Aloe Vera and protective vitamin E. This skin-perfecting solution combines essential fatty acids (EFAs) with a quadruple bronzer complex to help protect the skin barrier.

Our new advanced formula is strengthened with a superior delivery system, DHA Rapid. This science-backed additive has been purposely engineered to deliver a faster absorption of DHA and extend the lifespan of your tan.

MoroccanElevate is a hybrid blend inspired by our signature Bronze and Coco formulations. This dynamic formula can be layered and rinse times adapted to suit your desired colour

Key Ingredients
+ Organic Argan Oil works to Condition + Repair
+ Organic Aloe Vera works to Calm + Balance
+ Natural Vitamin E works to Soothe + Repair
DHA Rapid works to Colour + Extend
Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) Fortify + Protect
+ 48-hour Hydration Complex Hydrate + Nourish
+ Quadruple Bronzer Complex works to Boost + Develop

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Fragrance: Sweet Honey

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