Naked Tan Natural 2hr 8% Tanning Mist

Naked Tan Natural 2hr 8% Tanning Mist - 1L

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What spray-tan to use on brides and fair skin?

Naked Tan recommends using the Natural solution with 8% DHA for natural-looking brides and anyone with fair skin.

- Great for fair skin

- Fast-drying formula

- Will achieve a tan 2 shades darker

- Wash "n" wear in only 2 hours

All Naked Tan solutions are made with a combination of the most natural tanning ingredients and contain no nanoparticles, no parabens, no SLS sulphates and no alcohol.

  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made
  • SLS and Paraben FREE
  • No Nasties
Naked Tan tanning solutions contain 20 full body spray tans

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