Naked Tan Tanned 2hr 10% Tanning Mist

Naked Tan Tanned 2hr 10% Tanning Mist - 1L

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What spray-tan to use on pale skin + all skin types?

Naked Tan recommends using the Tanned solution with 10% DHA on pale and light-toned skins requiring golden tones.

Tanned is also an amazing all rounder which can suit any skin tone. Tanned is the perfect base shade that can be mixed with any of our solutions to customise to your clients needs.

- Great for pale skin

- Will achieve a tan 3 shades darker

- Wash 'n' wear in only 2 hours

All Naked Tan solutions are made with a combination of the most natural tanning ingredients and contain no nanoparticles, no parabens, no SLS sulphates and no alcohol.

  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty Free
  • Australian Made
  • SLS and Paraben FREE
  • No Nasties

Naked Tan spray tanning solutions contain 20 full body spray tans

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