ProDip Base Refill - 59ml

ProDip Base Refill - 59ml

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The second step in the ProDip Acrylic Dipping System. Self-leveling gel resin with a thin to medium viscosity is chemically matched to work with the ProDip Acrylic Dipping System, this Base is calcium and vitamin enriched and is formulated to adhere to the natural nail plate and to absorb the right amount of ProDip Acrylic Dipping Powder. The base is slower drying than the finish gel and has more flexibility. 

Apply one coat to the entire nail and dip into desired shade of ProDip acrylic dipping powder and dust off excess. Repeat above step and follow with ProDip Step 3 Activator. To maintain easy opening, clean neck of bottle with Acetone. Do not get solvent in bottle.


No Ethyl Methacrylate, HPMA, HEMA, or TFEMA