Skin Accent Caviar Ampoule - 25pk

Skin Accent Caviar Ampoule - 25pk

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Caviar Complex is an intense care for revitalization. The luxury caviar extract and other impulse-giving agents, revitalize the skin to live and give her new energy. To be able to achieve the best result, it is advisable to use the complex as a cure

Active Ingredients:

  • Glycerin: natural moisturizing factor
  • Artemia Extract: is obtained from marine plankton and activates cell metabolism with high repair factor; special quality as an anergy carrier and cell-booster.
  • Caviar Extract: consicts of proteins, lipids and essential vitamins (A, B2, B6,B12, Niacin, panthoten acid, folic acid) and minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium). The extract moisturises and revitalizes, promotes the microcirculation of the skin and accelerate the oxygenating and cell regeneration.


Carefully break the ampoule with a tissue, give the contents into the hands and distribute it gently with light pressure onto face, neck and décolleté line. Then apply the usual day or night care.


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