Thuya Protein Botox

Thuya Lash Filler BTX 5ml

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Thuya Lash Filler BTX is a revolutionary product designed to enhance the appearance of eyelashes. Formulated to rejuvenate, hydrate, and rebuild, this exclusive treatment helps to eliminate the problems of thinness and lack of vitality. The product works as a regenerative injection to prevent and reduce hair loss, while also stimulating growth. Its nutrient-rich formula penetrates the structure of the hair to strengthen and nourish, leaving your lashes fuller and firmer.

Apply Lash and Brow BTX after a Brow Lift (aka Lamination), Lash Lift or Eyebrow/Eyelash tint. 
Processing time is 15 minutes. 
Remove the remaining product with a dry cotton swab. No water needed!


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