Vani-T Collagen Body Toning Peptides 500g

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Sculpt works from within to:  

  • Support muscle function by increasing lean, toned muscle and maximising muscle strength. 
  • Assist with weight management by decreasing fat mass, boosting metabolism and controlling hunger levels. 
  • Encourage muscle repair, recovery and maintenance. 
  • Improve digestion and aid gut health.  
  • Reduce tiredness and fatigue, promoting increased energy levels and enhanced focus. 
  • Achieve your dream body. 
  • Comprised of 100% pure bovine collagen 
  • Virtually tasteless and odourless 
  • Dairy and gluten-free* 
  • 90-95% absorption - meaning you get the benefits of this super nutrient  
  • 90% protein 
  • No sugar, fats, carbs or soy 
  • 100% naturally derived and cruelty free (PETA approved) 

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